155MM M549A1 HE-RAP

High Explosive - Rocket Assisted Projectile

The M549A1 is an extended range, rocket assisted high-explosive projectile for use in long range harassment and interdiction (H&I) fire missions. The rocket motor is located in the aft end of the two-piece forged alloy projectile body. The rocket is initiated by a pyrotechnic delay which ignites upon a gun launch and provides a 7-second delay. This delay maximizes the range extension effect of the rocket motor. The copper alloy rotating band is overlay welded to withstand Zone 8S propelling charge launch forces and is protected during storage and handling by a plastic grommet. A specially-designed shock-attenuating lifting plug is provided for handling and storage.

  • US Army Type-Classified

  • Used for Fragmentation and Blast Effect at extended ranges against personnel and material

  • Rocket motor initiates automatically in the gun tube

  • Maximum range of 30 Km using top zone propelling charge in 39 caliber ordnance

  • Affords increased range over M107 HE projectiles