BLU-122/B Penetrator

Vital Missions, Hard Targets, One Solution

From lab to battle, General Dynamics provides the warfighter with the ordnance systems needed for today and tomorrow. We understand the theory and application of emerging technology, innovating today’s designs into tomorrow’s weapons.

The BLU 122/B penetrator results from our collaboration with defense laboratories and system program offices. The GBU-28 C/B weapon provides enhanced performance against hard and deeply buried targets.

  • Replaces BLU-113 with enhanced blast and fragmentation

  • Improves case survivability and penetration performance

  • Used in GBU-28 Bunker Buster

  • SEEK Eagle certified for carriage on F-15 and B-2

Case and Explosive:

  • Enhanced case survivability and fragmentation

  • Deeper target penetration

  • Enhanced blast

Insensitive Munition Features:

  • Employs General Dynamics’ unique approach to IM

  • Enhanced IM protection with improved weapon performance