Control Actuator Systems (CAS) for Missile Defense

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Healdsburg Operation is the preeminent developer and producer of electromechanical servo actuation systems that support the Throttleable Divert and Attitude Control Systems (TDACS) for the Missile Defense industry.

General Dynamics boasts the highest power density actuators in the world. This high power density Electromechanical technology supports the Missile Defense industry in a number of different applications. They are integrated with solid rocket motor Hot Gas Valves to provide the control authority as part of the DACS for the Standard Missile (SM3) Kinetic Energy Kill Vehicle. The actuators are directly coupled with the got-gas pintles that control the thrust of the DACS. In all cases, the actuators are an integral element of the solid rocket motor, and in a few applications, they are actually buried inside the motor itself. 

Supported Missile Defense Programs:

  • SM3 Block IB
  • SM3 Block IIA
  • MKV
  • KEI

In-house manufacturing supports full-rate production of all programs.  Elements supporting manufacturing include:

  • Culture embracing Mission Assurance
  • Dedicated program focused factories assuring Mission Assurance deliveries
  • Robust Vendor Process Control system supporting robust
    supply chain
  • Effective parts obsolescence program
  • Lean Six Sigma