Control Actuator Systems (CAS) for Tactical Controls

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Healdsburg Operation has developed the highest power density Tactical Control Actuation Systems (CAS) used to provide aerodynamic control authority for missile and tactical control systems.

Due to agility requirements imposed on advanced missiles, the CAS of the future must increase the fin angular rates, maintain performance under larger aerodynamic forces and moments, and achieve higher closed-loop position bandwidths, across an increasingly broad range of mach numbers and dynamic pressures.  The maneuverability requirements for next generation aircraft have also limited missile load out capacity.  Thus increased performance and reduced CAS volume and weight are key parameters.

In addition to Aerofin control actuator systems, General Dynamics has developed an Integrated Aerofin and Thrust Vector Control system (IATVC) an an Integrated Aerofin and Jet Reaction Control system (IAJRC).  Both of these patented technologies allow greater missile maneuvering authority without the additional complexity, weight and cost of additional servo motors or complex mechanisms.

Supported Missile Defense Programs:

  • BOA
  • Havedash
  • RAM
  • Laser Guided ZUNI
  • EAPS
  • DragonFire II

In-house manufacturing supports full-rate production of all programs.  Elements supporting manufacturing include:

  • Culture embracing Mission Assurance
  • Dedicated program focused factories assuring Mission Assurance deliveries
  • Robust Vendor Process Control system supporting robust supply chain
  • Effective parts obsolescence program
  • Lean Six Sigma