HELLFIRE – Advanced Blast Fragmentation Warhead

Vital Missions, Hard Targets, One Solution

The Hellfire advanced blast fragmentation warhead penetrates and defeats a suite of diverse targets, expanding the capability of Lockheed Martin’s Hellfire Missile. The AGM-114M variant offers precision striking power against a diverse target set.

A delay fuze initiates the warhead after penetration for maximum lethality. Incendiary pellets ignite and sustain burning of combustibles and ordnance to ensure target destruction.

The warhead passed MIL-STD-2105 IM tests and is NMD compliant for safe ship-board use.

Successfully employed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan conflicts.

Launching Platforms:

Any Hellfire Platform, Ground Vehicles, Ships, Navy SH60B, HH-60H Seahawk, Army AH-64 Apache, Marine AH-1W Super Cobra and M272/M299 Launchers