20MM x 102 FAP

Frangible Armor Piercing Cartridge

The 20 mm Frangible Armor Piercing (FAP) round, developed to defeat both “hard” and “soft” targets without the use of explosives or a fuze. On impact, the frangible tungsten core penetrates the outer skin of the target, progressively breaking up as it passes through the remaining structure. In the process, it releases highly energetic fragments, which cause damage deep inside the target and ensure a high kill probability.

The FAP round, which can be deployed in both air-to-ground and air-to-air roles, has the same trajectory as low drag PGU 28/B and M-70 LD ammunition. Its frangible design makes the FAP round intrinsically safe from ricochet as the core breaks up on impact with the ground.

The 20mm FAP is designed for use with M61 guns and is compatible with M39 guns, automatic 20mm cannons mounted on fighter aircraft, helicopters and some ground-to-air defense systems. The 20mm ammunition family is completely sealed and 100% waterproof.

Manufactured in collaboration with and under license from Oerlikon Contraves Pyrotech (OCP) of Switzerland, this 20mm FAP cartridge was recently qualified and is now in service in both the Netherlands and Switzerland.


  • Cartridge Cases: Produced from 70/30 brass alloy.

  • Projectiles: Frangible tungsten alloy core with a molded polymer matrix inside a steel body fitted with a copper driving band.

  • Primers: M55A3B1 electric primers.

  • Propellant: An optimized double-based propellant is used to minimize barrel wear and erosion