Multipurpose Tracer-Self Destruct

The MK2 MPT-SD was developed for air-defense and surface/shipboard roles, providing for optimum terminal effects on all classes of aircraft, helicopters, surface vessels and light armored vehicles.

The General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems/NAMMO team have qualified, co-produced and delivered the MK2 MPT-SD for armed forces around the world.

Compatible with 25mm x 137 gun systems

Ballistic match to standard 25mm Bushmaster ammunition including M792 HEIT-SD and M793 TP-T

Incorporates bright visible tracer with self-destruct feature

Cost effective against material type targets


Delayed action - produces large fragments which result
in maximum effect inside the target

Armor penetration, blast, fragmentation, and incendiary
effects behind the plate

Fully interoperable in 25mm x 137 gun systems to
include the M242, GAU-12/U, KBA, and ADEN 25

The MK2 uses the demonstrated multipurpose technology to optimize on-target effects and provide substantial terminal ballistics improvements over standard HEI ammunition.