25MM Bushmaster Ammunition

Established, Combat Proven and Reliable

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems is recognized around the world as a quality supplier of 25mm ammunition. Our 25mm rounds meet or exceed military performance requirements. The family of 25mm ammunition is in service with the United States Army and Marine Corps.

Capable of defeating all types of targets - from personnel to heavy armor

25mm family has been qualified as interoperable in the M242 Chain Gun and the Oerlikon KBA BO2 Canon

Systems utilizing the 25mm cannons include: the M2/M3 Bradley, MK38 Naval Gun, ASLAV, LAV-25/LAV-AD, Desert Warrior, M113 APC with 25mm Gun Turret, and other light armored vehicles.

Produced over 25,000,000 rounds of this family with proven success in Operation Desert Storm.