.50 Caliber Sniper Elite

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Ball and Armor-Piercing Ammunition

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems–Canada has more than 100 years experience in the manufacture of small caliber ammunition, including ball, tracer, blank and armor-piercing cartridges. With the constantly growing need for increased accuracy, we now offer the Sniper Elite® 0.50 caliber (12.7mm) Ball and AP (Armor-Piercing) family of ammunition. This family of ammunition is compatible with all common sniper rifles and produces a recoil similar to that of an M33 ball cartridge.

An interchangeable sniper family Sniper Elite® Ball and AP cartridges are a perfect ballistic match and have the same trajectory and mean point of impact at 1,000 m (1,094 yds.)

The projectile design of the Sniper Elite® Ball and AP cartridges was optimized and all components are produced with very tight tolerances, for greater accuracy. This ammunition has an average radius dispersion of approximately 0.85 MOA (Minute of Angle,) at 1,000 m (1,094 yds.)



.50 Caliber Sniper Elite