Advanced Warhead Technology

Vital Missions, Hard Targets, One Solution

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems offers a variety of services and hardware that advances the state of the art in warhead technology. From world-class modeling and simulation and advanced designs to development, qualification and production, We offer concept to hardware capability to enhance the warfighter’s effectiveness.

Modeling and Simulation

Offering a full array of hydrocode, finite element and lethality system effectiveness modeling and simulation to develop warhead concepts that deliver maximum lethality against a wide array of targets including fixed, mobile, hardened and buried.

Hydrocode Phenomenology Modeling

• Detonation/Deflagration/Blast
• Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFP)
• Shaped Charges
• Blast/Fragmentation
• Reactive Materials
• Geological/Non-Geological Penetration
• Directed Energy Element


• Structural Analysis, including Finite element
• Solid Modeling

System Effectiveness Analysis

• System Design
• Insensitive Munition
• Aircraft Integration
• Weaponeering
• Flyout
• Target Strike
• Lethality

Next Generation Blast and Fragmenting Warheads

Blast and fragmentation warheads destroy the target while protecting military assets and personnel with IM features.

World Class Shaped Charge Warheads

Advanced shaped charge warheads offer improved performance in a more compact package, creating space for additional weapon system features. IM features support safe transport.

Devastating Lethality Against Multiple Target Sets

Designed for effect, built for lethality. Family of warheads offers the warfighter the effects he needs for superiority on the battlefield.

Multimode Effects

Advanced Multimode warheads offer full advantage to the warfighter with lethality against multiple targets:

• Anti-Armor, Materiel and Personnel
• MOUT structures
• Blast and Thermobaric effects
• Devastating lethality against multiple target sets

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