SMArt 155

155mm Sensor Fuzed Munition (SFM) for the Artillery

SMArt 155, a Sensor Fuzed Munition (SFM) for 155mm Cannon Artillery, is a fire and forget artillery round that is very effective in GPS denied environments and against targets with large target location errors (TLE). SMArt 155 uses high performance explosively formed penetrator (EFP) technology and a multi-mode sensor suite to provide predictable and precise lethal areas of effects in all weather and environments. SMArt155 is compliant to the DOD Unexploded Ordnance requirements. The SMArt 155 will bring a proven, cost effective, and low-risk solution to the US Army and the Marine Corps providing a robust solution to defeat medium and heavy armored targets.

The SMArt 155 projectile consists of a thin-walled shell body, a base plate, an ejection unit, time fuse, and two functionally identical submunitions.


General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) and GIWS (Gesellschaft für Intelligente Wirksysteme mbH) have teamed to provide the US Army and the Marine Corps with a 155mm Sensor Fuzed Munition (SFM) artillery round.

SMArt Warhead provides maxi- mum penetration performance and behind armor effect for today’s and future requirements to reliably defeat any kind of combat vehicles on the battlefield.

Excellent hit accuracy, unmatched penetration performance and reliable target destruction and neutralization has been proven with heavily armored targets, including reactive armor as well as semi hard targets.


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