Aircraft Gun Systems

F-15e 20mm Gun System

The F-15E fighter is armed with General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems’ 20mm armament system for air superiority, ground attack and interdiction missions. This fixed-forward firing system is currently in production for concurrent delivery with F-15E aircraft.

General Dynamics has worked closely with Boeing to produce a new lightweight linear linkless ammunition feed system, which offers configuration flexibility and improved ammunition packaging efficiency. These features provide additional space for other aircraft equipment.

The F-15E armament system operates on the same principle as our other 20mm Gatling aircraft systems. The gun is mounted in the aircraft’s starboard wing root, aft of the engine inlet. The linear linkless ammunition storage container is mounted in a vertical orientation near the centerline of the aircraft.

Our lightweight linear ammunition feed system provides high reliability and maximum round capacity for the aircraft’s allotted space envelope. It is the product of over ten years of research and development and two successful fighter aircraft production linear feed systems: the AV-8B and the GPU-5/A. The F-15E feed system is fully compatible with all M-50 series and the improved PGU-28/B ammunition, as well as our’s new lightweight M61A2 gun.


Gun type M61A1, six-barrel, 20mm, externally
Weight (total) 769 pounds (377 kg)
Gun 248 pounds (112.5 kg)
Feed system 236 pounds (117 kg)
Ammunition (full) 281 pounds (147 kg)
Rate of fire 4,000/6,000 shots per minute
Ammunition capacity 500 rounds
Ammunition type M50- & PGU-series ammunition
Feed system Linear linkless, closed loop
Drive system Hydraulic


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