Aircraft Gun Systems

F-16 20mm Gun System

The F-16 fighter is armed with a 20mm Gatling gun system produced by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems. This fixed-forward firing system provides maximum lethality against air-to-air and air-to-surface targets.

The weapon system features the M61A1 six-barrel Gatling gun and a linkless ammunition feed system. The M61A1 provides up to 10 times the reliability of single-barrel guns, firing at 6,000 shots per minute and placing a controlled dispersion of projectiles in the path of the target. Over 4,500 F-16 systems have been delivered to date.

The double-ended linkless ammunition feed system incorporates a compact lightweight composite rotary ammunition drum to store unfired and fired ammunition. The feed system is compatible with four GD-OTS loading systems: the Universal Ammunition Loading System; the Ammunition Loading System; the F-16 Delinking Loader and the Universal Delinking Loader. The ALS and UALS systems significantly reduce manpower requirements and turnaround time by eliminating the need for linked ammunition.


Gun type M61A1, six-barrel, 20mm, externally
Weight (total) 832 pounds (377 kg)
Gun 248 pounds (112.5 kg)
Feed system 258 pounds (117 kg)
Ammunition (full) 325 pounds (147 kg)
Rate of fire 6,000 shots per minute
Ammunition capacity 511 rounds
Ammunition type M50- & PGU-series ammunition
Feed system Rotary, linkless, closed loop
Drive system Hydraulic


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