Reactive Armor

SRAT II Stryker Reactive Armor Tiles

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, in conjunction with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., has developed the light-weight reactive armor tiles for application on Stryker and other medium/light-weight combat vehicles. Stryker Reactive Armor Tiles (SRAT II) incorporate state-ofthe-art technology, while using an insensitive, high-energy explosive.

SRAT II tiles are based on reactive armor technology that has been type classified for production. SRAT II tiles were competitively selected over previous Stryker reactive armor tiles and provide improvements in capability at a reduced weight. SRAT II tiles are tested extensively. These tests include:

• Shaped-charge armor protection
• Small-arms sensitivity
• Sequential environmental
• Transportation tests
• Artillery-fragment sensitivity
• Sympathetic detonation
• Collateral damage
• Tile mapping and junction tests
• Special safety tests

SRAT II offers a substantial increase in protection levels
for troops and equipment against shaped-charge threats.


Reactive Armor State-of-the art technology combining an advanced reactive element with a new passive element for armor protection
Superior performance A light-weight solution that can defeat shapedcharge threats associated with an urban battlefield
Safety Has an incident-free safety record in field operations and combat
Growth potential The weight savings of reactive armor allows the capability to further increase protection without exceeding current weight constraints. For example, additional side skirts will increase
overall protection of combat and tactical wheeled vehicles
Production capabilities GD-OTS has existing certified production facilities
Logistics Logistics requirements are no greater than those of ammunition



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