Remote Weapon Stations

Samson Mk I

all-in-one multi-mission response

The Samson Mk I is a dual-axis, gyro-stabilized remote-controlled weapon system (RWS) capable of mounting multiple weapons. The retractable, dual-sighted Mk I supports main and secondary armaments, including a 25mm to 30mm main gun and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, as well as an optional anti-tank guided missile launcher and smoke grenade launcher.

The Mk I is fully qualified to NATO standards and has been operationally deployed in combat zones worldwide. The Mk I is lighter than manned turrets and does not require penetration into the vehicle hull, saving significant interior space. The gunner and critical electronic equipment remain protected inside the vehicle under armor. Integration of ammunition chutes in special shafts
provides reliable protection and uninterrupted firepower.

The Samson Mk I has performed under combat conditions with excellent feedback from users in the field.

Two electro-optic sights for independent commander and gunner surveillance, and an auto tracker for fast maneuvering targets further optimize the operational capabilities of the RWS. Hit accuracy is significantly improved by the RWS’s dual-axis stabilization system.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and Rafael are teamed in a joint venture, GR Dynamics, LLC, to provide integration and production of the Samson Mk I remote weapons station. The Mk I has performed millions of operational hours under combat conditions with positive feedback from users in the field.

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