Remote Weapon Stations

Samson Mk II

enhanced survivability multiple weapon station

The Samson Mk II is a dual-axis, gyro-stabilized, dual-sight remote-controlled weapon system capable of mounting multiple weapons. Based on the Samson Mk I, the Mk II offers improved combat capability with a lower silhouette, optional armor protection, improved hit accuracy, under-armor reloading,
increased rigidity and higher gun elevation capabilities.

The Samson Mk II provides forces with mission flexibility in both urban and open country scenarios with maximum survivability for the vehicle and crew.

The Samson Mk II enables forces to effectively engage with a range of firepower. The system supports main and secondary armaments, including a 25mm to 30mm main gun and a secondary 7.62mm coaxial machine gun with an optional 40mm grenade launcher. An anti-tank guided missile launcher and smoke grenade launcher are also optional. The Mk II is lighter than manned turrets and does not require penetration into the vehicle hull, saving significant interior space. The proprietary in-hull reloading system boosts crew survivability, and the low silhouette enables the platform’s surfaces to easily accommodate protective armor, ranging from STANAG level one to four.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and Rafael are teamed in a joint venture, GR Dynamics, LLC, to provide integration and production of the Samson Mk II remote weapons station. Based on the operationally deployed Samson Mk I, the Mk II remote weapon station offers improved combat capability with higher protection and a lower silhouette.

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