Multi-barrel Weapons

GAU-22/A 25mm Gatling Gun

The 25mm GAU-22/A produced by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems is an externally powered Gatling gun selected for installation in the F-35 Lightning II fighter.

GD-OTS developed the GAU-22/A for both the internal and external F-35 gun systems. This four-barrel gun is a derivative of the highly successful five-barrel, 25mm GAU-12/U gun also developed and built by GD-OTS

Each of the four gun barrels has a breech bolt assembly that fires once per gun revolution. This ensures long barrel and breech life by distributing the heat and firing forces over all four barrels and breech positions. Continuous rotary motion reduces the impact loads on gun components, extending parts life and resulting in extremely high gun reliability.

The GAU-22/A is over 40 pounds lighter and occupies 20 percent less volume than the comparably equipped 5-barrel counterpart. The gun is easily configured to mount in either the F-35A internal gun system installation or the F-35B/C missionized gun pods.

The demonstrated versatility, coupled with significant combat lethality, makes the GAU-22/A gun an ideal candidate for air, land and sea platforms requiring an effective weapon for a variety of missions against a broad range of targets.


Gun type

Four-barrel, 25mm, externally powered Gatling Gun

Weight 230 pounds (104.3 kg)
Rate of fire

Up to 3,300 shots per minute

Dispersion 5 milliradians diameter, 80 percent circle (1.4 milliradians, 1-sigma radius)
Average recoil force 3,700 pounds (16.5 kN)
Muzzle velocity  
(TP, HEI ammunition) 3,560 feet (1,085m) per second
(API ammunition) 3,400 feet (1,036m) per second
Drive system Hydraulic, electric, pneumatic
Feed system Linked or linkless


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