Multi-barrel Weapons

GAU-8/A 30MM Gatling Gun

The GAU-8/A is a 30mm Gatling gun that is installed on the U.S. Air Force's A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft and the Navy's Goalkeeper Close-In Weapon System. The GAU-8/A provides a reliable, high-rate-of-fire, combat-proven weapon for close air support and shipboard defense missions.

Each of the gun's seven barrels contains its own breech bolt assembly, which fires once per gun revolution. This ensures long barrel life because firing loads are distributed over all seven barrels. Continuous rotary motion reduces impact loads on gun components, leading to long parts life and high reliability.

Air Support

The A-10 aircraft is specifically designed to provide close air support. The GAU-8/A gun provides rapid response to threats that are in close proximity to friendly ground forces and is well suited for engagements inside missile envelopes.

Sea Support

Goalkeeper is a highly accurate, close-in weapon system used to protect ships from high-speed
anti-ship missiles and aircraft. In the Goalkeeper application, the GAU-8/A fires a lethal, high-kinetic-energy 30mm Missile-Piercing Discarding Sabot round.


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