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XM301 20mm Lightweight Gatling Gun

The XM301 is a lightweight 20mm Gatling gun developed by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems.

The XM301 is the lightest 20mm Gatling gun in the world. It features firing rates of 750 and 1,500 shots per minute, making it the ideal product for platforms that require air-to-air and air-to-ground lethality in a lightweight package. The XM301 fires at twice the rate of a single-barrel gun of similar caliber and weight. When combined with high accuracy and an optimum dispersion pattern, the rate of fire provides superior precision-kill capability. The XM301 is also rugged enough to withstand long burst lengths without damage.

The XM301 offers the user an added level of flexibility and safety by utilizing the unique ability to interchangeably fire percussion-primed and standard electrically primed ammunition. Firing all M50-series and PGU-series ammunition, the XM301 has also been specifically designed to fire the new ultra lightweight XM1031/1032 aluminum-cased ammunition, further reducing overall system weight. These factors make the XM301 a leap forward in Gatling gun accuracy, weight, maintainability and firepower.


Gun type

Three-barrel, 20mm, externally powered Gatling gun

Weight (gun only) 80.5 pounds (36.5 kg)
Rate of fire

Up to 1,500 shots per minute

Dispersion 2.2 milliradians, one sigma radial
Average recoil force 800 pounds (3.5 kN)
Ammunition capacity 500 rounds
Muzzle velocity 3,380 feet (1,030m) per second
Drive system Hydraulic, electric, pneumatic
Feed system Linked or linkless


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