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Drive Shafts

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems offers a large variety of filament-wound composite drive shafts for both aerospace and commercial applications, such as helicopter rotor shafts and aircraft propeller shafts. We also apply our shaft technology to a variety of industrial equipment, ground vehicles and marine vessel applications.

Filament winding combines the high strength of continuous reinforcement fibers (glass and/or graphite) with the chemical resistance and toughness of a thermosetting resin (typically epoxy). The use of aerospace grade fibers and resins allows us to produce lightweight composite shafts with exceptionally high strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance.

Filament-wound shafts offer multiple advantages:

Tubular products

GD-OTS also designs and manufactures tubular products in a broad range of diameters and lengths with applications similar to a typical drive shaft. These similarities include the following: highly corrosive and abrasive environments, bending moments, axial loading, long fatigue life, high rotational speeds, end fittings, materials and methods of manufacture. Our unique designs offer a variety of metal end fittings, attachments and bearing interfaces.

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