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General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems has been a trusted supplier of high performance aircraft radomes for over 65 years. Our extensive experience with high performance radomes allows us to apply a broad range of real world knowledge to the design, qualification and manufacturing processes.

We produce a wide array of radomes ranging from fighter and cargo aircraft noses and other specialized military applications, commercial nose weather radomes and radomes for the in-flight entertainment and connectivity market. GD-OTS is a world leader in aircraft fire control nose radomes and radome technology enabling maximum performance of Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar.

Based on overall customer requirements, we establish the appropriate type and materials for the design, construction, ther­mal requirements, structural requirements and radio frequency performance.

Our radomes are manufactured using either a hand lay-up or filament-winding process. Construction types include solid laminate and sandwich structures with honeycomb or foam cores.

GD-OTS capabilities include complete radio frequency (RF) and structural / mechanical design and development, elec­trical testing, qualification and production. Radome requirements typically include aerodynamic contour, structural / environmental reliability and electromagnetic performance. Our exten­sive test capabilities ensure that each radome meets RF transmission requirements.

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