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Launch Tubes

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems has years of experience designing, producing and testing high-performance composite launch tubes of various shapes and sizes. We have the ability to design to specification or build-to-print.

Our highly-skilled, multi-functional teams manage each project from analysis and modeling through design and testing, with “cradle to the grave” responsibility. We have produced over 1.5 million launch tubes in sizes ranging from three to over 25 feet long for U.S. Military ground-launched and ship-launched missile systems.

Composite Capsule Launch System (CCLS)

GD-OTS produces the Composite Capsule Launch System (CCLS) structure for the submarine launched Tomahawk missile, the Navy's premier long range subsonic cruise missile for land attack warfare.

The CCLS design incorporates a filament-wound composite launch tube with outer diameter build-ups to accommodate a titanium end flange attachment and full-length umbilical cable integration. The internal diameter incorporates nonmetallic pads to cushion the missile during deployment, loading and handling.

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Line-of-Sight Anti-Tank missile (LOSAT)

GD-OTS developed the launch tube for the Line-of-Sight Anti-Tank missile (LOSAT).

LOSAT is designed for use by early-entry forces against hard-armor and actively protected targets. The system uses hit-to-kill technology, directing kinetic energy to defeat armor and other targets. The tube’s design includes a fila­ment-wound composite launch tube with outer diameter build ups to accommodate mounting and han­dling features. The internal diame­ter incorporates a helical rail system for use in launch of the missile.

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Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)

GD-OTS produced the composite launch tubes for the MLRS, a weapon designed to complement cannon artillery with the suppression, neutralization or destruction of hostile fire support, mechanized units, armored formations and air-defense targets.

The MLRS launch container features four integrally wound internal rails, multiple machined outer diameter regions. Materials of construction are low-cost epoxy resin and fiberglass roving, including automated secondary processes.

Rockets for the MLRS system are assembled, checked and then packaged in GD-OTS's launch tubes, which double as storage units.

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