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Lightweight Multipurpose Shelters (LMS)

The LMSs offer a lightweight shelter with improved electromagnetic interference (EMI), water tightness, and thermal and impact performance. The patented U-Panel construction has been improved by incorporating EMI-resistant enclosure panels; welded seams; one-piece, co-cured wheel wells and Nomex honeycomb core.

Our design eliminates reliance on secondary treatments, such as closeout angles, that have inherent EMI and moisture leak paths and are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to the rigors of the field.


General Information Honeycomb sandwich panel construction: the fabrication of the unit utilizes aluminum-facing sheets hot-bonded to honeycomb.
Alternative foam and beam construction is available.
EMI Shielding Minimum of 60dB attenuation or electrical, magnetic and plane waves in frequency range of 150KHz to 10GHz
Increased Mission Capabilities Rapid deployment
Increased enclosure volume
Mounted internal air transport
Increased aircraft deployment efficiency



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