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Anniston Operations Capabilities

Vertical Integration

Prototyping Dimension Modeler
Small to Large Precision Part Machining
Electron Beam Welding
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
Resistance Spot Welding
Vacuum Heat Treatment
Magnetic Particle Testing
Dye Penetrant
Ultrasonic Inspection
Etching & Cleaning
Mechanical Assembly/Test
Vibration & Thermal Testing
Helium Leak Testing

Production Capabilities

Turning (2 and 4 axis):
Maximum diameters 42”X
Maximum length 180”Z

New Milling (4 and 5 axis) envelope:
Maximum cube of 120”X - 63”Y - 31”Z

Electron Beam Welding (5 axes)
Cube of 68”X- 68”Y (without extension) - 84”Z

Electron Discharge Machining (4 axes)
Wire cube of 16”X - 9”Y - 6”Z
Sink cube of 12”X - 8”Y - 10”Z

Vacuum Heat Treat
Maximum cube of 24”X - 60”Y- 24”Z

ABS Modeling
Maximum cube of 8”X - 8”Y- 12”Z

Production Capabilities

Class 1000 clean room
Soldering to J-Std-001
Thermal & vibration testingĀ  (Multi- Axis)
Magnetic particle inspection
Ultra sonic inspection
Dye penetrant
Pressure testing
Helium leak testing



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