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Anniston Operations Electron Beam Welding Capability

Low-Voltage (60KV) Moving-Gun Sciaky Electron Beam

Welding System

The Sciaky Low Voltage Electron Beam Welding System is the most versatile electron beam system. The multi-axis gun motion allows chamber volumes to be half that of fixed gun systems, provides beam access for unusual joint configuration, and greatly simplifies part tooling.


Mark 7 Computer Control - Provides total control over process parameters with +/- 1% accuracy. It also gives you the option of 10 axes of motion control. digital motor controls and Windows programming format. Capabilities include: process monitoring with data acquisition networking and off line programming.

60/60 Gun - The patented 60/60-electron beam gun package has an improved, narrow beam geometry producing welds with depth-to-width ratios approaching that produced by high voltage equipment. It also has superior operational stability. The direct-mounted, turbo molecular gun vacuum pump is equipped with isolation valves, and easy access to gun components for filament change makes this gun package the most advanced in its field. The gun can be mounted on the gun carriage with two servo axes of motion.

TV Gun Column Optical Viewing System - High-resolution precision gun column optics with CCD camera and monitor. Optic focus, shutter and iris controls and an electronic adjustable crosshair are provided. Welding parameters can be displayed on a monitor. CD/DVD compatible.

Operator Interface - Axis jog controls, with selectable speeds and increments, and parameter controls are molded using rotary dials with digital displays. A separate hand held pendant allows worktable manipulation form remote location.

Pumping System - Turbo molecular pump on gun. Roughing and diffusion pumps on chamber.

Power Supply - Standard reputable power supply. Regulated with state –of-the-art single transistor switch mode regulator – are cooled and located in electrical cabinet.

Axis Motion - X, Y, and Z are standard on all systems. They have a positioning accuracy of +/- .001" and travel accuracy of .0015"/ft.

Options - Horizontal Rotary Positioner, Rotary/Tilt Positioner, Head and Tail Stock, Beam Deflection Systems, Custom Vision System




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