Camden Operations - Camden, Arkansas

Camden Operations is an industry leader in the high rate production, system integration and testing of energetic products. As part of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Camden Operations is the business’s explosive load, assemble and pack facility, supporting a variety of U.S. military programs, including the Hydra-70 2.75-inch rocket, Hellfire and Javelin missiles and the Modular Artillery Charge System. Located near Camden, Ark., Camden Operations houses over 580,000 square feet of manufacturing and storage space.

Camden Operations adheres to stringent quality standards through the use of several advanced quality control analytical laboratories, which perform both mechanical and chemical inspection. As a premier manufacturing facility, Camden is capable of producing IM (Insensitive Munitions) compliant products. IM compliant products are immune to external threats in their environments and respond in a benign manner when exposed to threats.

Camden Operations is a one-stop shop for the system integration and testing of energetic products. Capabilities include melt cast, mix cast, press loading and extrusion processes for explosives production and integration. Insensitive Munitions requirements include but are not limited to passing Fragment Impact, Bullet Impact, Slow Cookoff, Fast Cookoff, Shaped Charge Jet and sympathetic detonation tests.


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