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Marion, VA Operations - Marion, Virginia

Marion Operations is a world-class developer, designer and manufacturer of high quality, lightweight composite components for aerospace customers in the commercial and defense markets. As part of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Marion Operations’ key product areas are aircraft structures, engine components, radomes and mobile shelter systems. Located on 64 acres in Marion, Va., Marion Operations houses approximately one million square feet of manufacturing space in three state-of-the-art facilities.

Marion’s facilities and equipment allow for a complete scope of services from small development projects to large, complex, high-rate production programs. With over 60 years of experience delivering high performance composites, Marion Operations has the expertise and technology needed to cover the full spectrum of advanced composites design, fabrication and assembly. Capabilities include resin transfer molding, hand lay-up, precision fiber impregnation, precision machining, large panel bonding, filament winding, automated oven and autoclave curing, test and analysis, assembly and integration.

As a proven and reliable supplier, the highly-skilled Marion Operations’ Advanced Materials team is committed to continuous improvement and consistently strives to be the standard to which others are compared.


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