Niceville Operations

Delivering Precision Effects for the Warfighter

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Niceville Operations is a world leader in the field of warhead and alternative payload design, development, testing and production for air-to-surface, surface-to-surface and air-to-air applications.

Our payload design, modeling, and test capability is second to none. With decades of design and modeling experience and our own test range, we are able to quickly and efficiently move from requirements analysis to final design.

Our proven quality management approach allows us to leverage an extensive supplier base for production operations. We are experienced in working with and managing the full range of facilities and supplier resources associated with manufacturing munitions systems. It is our policy to integrate quality into everything we do, individually and collectively, through all phases of the life cycle of our products and services, from identification of market needs to the final satisfaction of customer and regulatory requirements.

Our system engineering processes guide our development efforts from initial design to production. We have experienced staff in all of the necessary specialty engineering functions:

Producibility - Safety - Reliability - Manufacturing

Sample of Niceville Capabilities:

• Shaped Charge Warheads
• Fragmenting Warheads
• Fragmenting Bombs
• Deep Earth Penetrators
• Explosive Formed Penetrators
• Kinetic Energy Penetrators
• Rods Payloads

GD-OTS Niceville is an approved supplier for Flight Termination Systems(FTS)

GD-OTS Niceville enjoys successful supplier relationships with numerous contractors in the defense industry providing the finest warhead development and manufacturing products and services available. The same supplier excellence trusted for warhead products is also available to suppliers for Flight Termination Systems (FTS). Our design engineers are proficient in the application of the unique safety requirements pertaining to U.S. Government approved flight termination range safety. As an approved supplier for warheads, we are proud to now be approved to supply FTS as well.