Please Note: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems has made a business decision to exit the Mil-Rugged Remote Fire Device (RFD) marketplace which includes its Disposal Tools, Explosive Crimpers, and Maintenance/Repair business and will no longer accept new Orders as of September 15, 2016. If you have a question relating to a previously purchased General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems RFD devices please contact Rory Bell - Contracts Mgr. at 425-420-9390 or by email at

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Tools

Mil-Rugged Remote Firing Device (RFD)

The Remote Firing Device (RFD) initiates BOTH nonel shock tube AND electric caps and disrupters.

The powerful shock tube initiator (STI) provides a larger, more powerful flash than conventional STIs to reliably initiate nonel.

Electric shots receive a strong, 300 volts/3.6 joule current. Compare to a 70-cap blasting machine.

Each Remote Firing Device (RFD) transmitter will permit initiating up to five different shots in sequence per series.

The number of simultaneous initiations the Remote Firing Device (RFD) can perform per shot is unlimited, provided that the operator is equipped with a receiver for every initiation point.

The wireless command system features frequency-hopping, spread spectrum technology and 64-bit safety/security encryption.

Each receiver unit is programmed to respond only to commands from the transmitter it is shipped with – for an additional measure of safety and security. When ordering additional or replacement receivers, the new receivers can be properly coded by referencing the transmitter serial number.

Ruggedized packaging for tactical environments at high and low temperature extremes. Water-proof. Specifications subject to change without notice.


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